Welcome to my website!  My name is Pete Mason and I am a Christian musician, author and speaker. I have been composing Christian music since 1983 and have recorded several albums as a solo artist and some with my wife Cyndie in our band Myztery.   

What I do.


Before I opened my heart to Jesus in 1982 I was a rock musician and addicted to drugs and alchohol and a wild lifestyle.  Jesus totally transformed me from inside out and gave me a new song and a call to share my testimony and music with everyone. 
Radical Shifts Book Now Out!
What's New
I am currently in the process of booking musical and speaking engaements in the Greater Vancouver area. 
"God is certainly at work in your lives.  May He continue to touch many souls through you."

   - Rev. Paul Murphy, Pastor of Christ the King Church, Courtenay, BC
My memoir, Radical  Shifts was released on December 14, 2019.  It is available as a paperback book, and will soon be available as an ebook and audio book.