Welcome to my website!  My name is Pete Mason and I am a Catholic musician, author and speaker.  I also paint a little as a  hobby.  I have been composing Christian music since 1983 and have recorded several albums as a solo artist and some with my wife Cyndie in our band Myztery.   

What I do.
I sing and play a variety of musical instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, violin, viola, harp, harmonica, psaltery and dulcimer.  I am a member of St. Francis de Sales parish and Rev. Thomas Smith is my spiritual advisor.  I have travelled across Canada and the Western USA singing in Catholic churches, schools and prayer meetings. 
Radical Shifts Book Coming Soon!
What's New
I am currently in the process of booking musical and speaking engaements in the Archdiocese of Vancouver at various parishes and parish groups. 
"God is certainly at work in your lives.  May He continue to touch many souls through you."

   - Rev. Paul Murphy, Pastor of Christ the King Church, Courtenay, BC
My memoir, Radical  Shifts, is scheduled to be released on September 14, 2019, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  It will be available as a paperback book, ebook and audio book. 
More Information
We are mainly an online community with many members in Nigeria, including two priests and many seminarians.  Interested people take our 40 day online spiritual preparation course and then make a year of novitiate using our book A Year of Merciful Love.  After the novitiate, if they feel called by the Lord, they make a lifelong act of profession of the Rule of Life of the MML.  
I was a member of the Secular Franciscan Order for 22 years until God called me to begin a new private association of the faithful, the Missionaries of Merciful Love www.mercifullove.com    We are dedicated to spreading the merciful love of Jesus to the world through our actions, words and prayers.  It is based on the spirituality of St. Faustina Kowalska, St. Therese and the Catholic charismatic renewal.